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The basis of oriental-balkan-latin-pop house is the house music, the roots of which goes back to the beginning of the 20.century.

Its main characteristics: quick rhythm, hipnotic effects, magical melodies, folk music influence not only in the music itself but also in the vocal part of it. In this music type, which has a fantastic sounding, rhythm, positive nature, the following tunes can be found: world music (folklore), variegation of music of eastern cultures (oriental: indian karnatic, melodies with persian roots), turbo-folk or balkan style (the former Yugoslav states were trying to develop their culture and music: now Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Croatia), music of Africa-The East-South America, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, tunes of the arabian culture and Egypt.

In the past everybody has left a trace after himself or herself, but the most important thing is that our life is changing and passing so quickly and since many people are moving from a country to an other one, the period of music fusion has begun. Marko Valentino will definitely help this music style to be developed.