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Marko Valentino (Márk Bálint Kubista) was born as a Hungarian citizen in 1985 in Budapest, Hungary. In the elementary school he was the member of The Hungarian Radio`s Children`s Choir and was also playing the piano almost for 9 years reaching a high level of it. He won the 6th prize worldwide in the Francophonie French Chansons Singing Competition. During the university years, he took part in Erasmus program spending a whole semester in Turkey.

He had a research period in Krakkow, Poland as well. Classical music was always around his mind and soul so he never stopped playing it but this time not only was he playing the piano but also has represented and introduced the qualitative entertainment performing as a DJ showing how fantastic oriental-balkan-latin-pop house music is. Far before graduating he was working at a radio station as speaker, music editor, news editor and he was also dealing with foreign students.

He graduated from English-Turkish teaching and communication (radio specialization). After graduation he was working at another radio station making several programs, live mix and shows. Marko was working as a tourist guide, dj, radio presenter, singer in karaoke parties. Nowadays life is not easy enough for us to be able to do what we really would like to do so but Marko is still so much energetic, talented and he is trying to make our life even much more colorful with his oriental-balkan-latin-pop house music collection. He went on to get an other certificate at EFHA, the biggest DJ Academy in Hungary and he became a real PRO DJ. He has been playing in several bars, night clubs as a DJ and karaoke master in London and Turkey. Nowadays he is preparing his new singles which are going to be shared on his webpage very soon. His music being played is: Positive music, only good music from all over the world!